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Maintenance Central Shops


The Central Shops support the Regions and other project work on campus. There are a number of central shops:

  • Building Automation Systems (BAS): monitors and controls the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and alarm systems where installed in the university’s general fund buildings, and where defined by SLA for non-general fund buildings.
  • Life Safety Systems: oversees and maintains various electrical, elevator, life safety, and radio systems throughout the Ann Arbor campus.
  • Elevator Program: oversees the overall compliance for elevator maintenance and repairs conducted by the elevator mechanics assigned to the Regions. The equipment includes elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, and wheelchair lifts. This program provides print reviews and task description/development for PMs, technical specification development, vendor bid documents, etc.
  • Fire Alarm Program: oversees the maintenance and repair work performed by the fire alarm electricians assigned to the five Maintenance Services regions. The manager is also responsible for industrial electricians that maintain 2-way radios, MOSCAD radio systems, wireless clocks, and public address services for campus events.
    Fire Extinguisher Program: responsible for managing the SLA services for Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) regarding the maintenance and repair of 8000 fire extinguishers, special fire suppression systems, and eyewash stations.
  • Mechanical Group: oversees the plumbing, steamfitting, major HVAC chiller operations and refrigerants, and asbestos abatement services throughout the Ann Arbor campus.
  • Metal Shops: provide specialized services in metal/plastic design and fabrication of specialty parts and machinery components, installation of gas-fired furnaces, and building equipment repair.
  • Key Office: provides keys and lock services to keep our campus safe and secure. We provide all of the keys needed for university buildings and property (cabinets, desks, etc.) and install all locks and card access readers and related hardware.

We welcome your questions, concerns, and compliments via email, at FMCOMMENTS@umich.edu, or telephone, at (734) 763-5075.

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