Building Automation Systems

HVAC Controls

Ken Verardi, Direct Digital Controls (DDC) Supervisor Phone: (734) 936-3259
Tim Kennedy, Building Automation Systems Manager Phone: (734) 647-0962
Beth Sprang, Administrative Assistant Phone: (734) 936-3955

The HVAC Controls/Building Automation Systems group is responsible for installing and maintaining all direct digital control equipment.

Installation of new DDC equipment involves:

  • Calculate and write up information for DDC points then field staff install the database into the host system from a work terminal
  • Write program lines to fit the engineered “sequence of operation”
  • Terminate pneumatic tubing and electrical wiring
  • Install raceways for all pneumatic tubing
  • Install raceways for electrical and electronic wiring
  • Install field input devices: temperature, humidity, co2, air flow, and water flow sensors
  • Install field output devices: electric to pneumatic transducers, analog to voltage transducers, analog to current transducers, valve and damper actuators
  • Start-up and test systems in the field and make necessary changes to fine-tune system operation

The group also installs direct digital control equipment and reviews blueprints and control diagrams to be sure that the information is correct as to how it relates to a proper “sequence of operation” for system control. Sensor ranges are also reviewed to be sure they will perform properly according to the systems requirements.

Maintenance of DDC equipment includes calibrating and testing input sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2, air flow, and water flow), analog output devices (electric to pneumatic transducers, analog to voltage transducers, analog to current transducers), and current sensing relays. The group diagnoses and replaces defective components within the direct digital control field panels, such as controller modules, power supplies, and various input?output modules. Database analysis is also performed to identify program errors and allow for corrective actions. System control loops are tuned as needed, and older DDC systems are evaluated and receive upgraded hardware and/or software as needed for better control and energy savings.

Energy Conservation Outreach
Energy Conservation Outreach (ECO) is a program to help building owners and managers make profitable investments in energy-efficient equipment and operations. Energy Conservation Outreach includes the following activities for the Green Lights Program:

  • Building tune-up
  • Load reductions
  • HVAC Distribution Systems Upgrades
  • HVAC plant Upgrades

The Air Conditioning/controls group’s primary responsibility is Stage Two-Building tune-up. A complete tune-up of the building HVAC systems includes operational testing of the following pneumatic, DDC, electric, and electronic controls, which include dampers, humidifiers, heating and cooling valves, heating and cooling coils, heat exchangers, supply fans, return fans, exhaust fans, and room controls.

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