Central Shops

Electrical Group

Mike Gramza, Facilities Maintenance Electrical Manager Phone: (734) 647-2480
Beth Sprang, Administrative Assistant Phone: (734) 936-3955

The Facilities Electrical Maintenance Group oversees and maintains various electrical, elevator, and life safety systems throughout the Ann Arbor campus.

  • Electrical Project Workgroup: responsible for electrical repairs, infrastructure, specialty electrical systems, and energy conservation projects throughout campus.
  • Elevator Program: oversees the elevator maintenance and repairs conducted by the elevator mechanics assigned to the Facilities Maintenance regions. The equipment includes elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, and wheelchair lifts. Major repair activities include replacing hoist ropes and motor-generator/bearing replacements.
  • Fire Extinguisher Program:  responsible for the maintenance and repair of fire extinguishers, special fire suppression systems, and eyewash stations.
  • Life Safety Systems: oversees the maintenance and repair work performed by the fire alarm electricians assigned to the Facilities Maintenance regions.
  • Radio & Electronics Repair Shop: responsible maintaining 2-way radios, MOSCAD radio systems, wireless clocks, and public address services for campus events.
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