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Disposal of Refrigerant Containing Appliances

How to Dispose of Refrigerant Containing Appliances (RCA)
Your conundrum: You have a RCA to dispose. What to do?

If the equipment is not moveable (that is, it’s attached to/part of the building, like a walk-in environmental chamber), create a Work Order by calling Facilities Service Center (FSC) at 7-2059. If the equipment is moveable (refrigerator, freezer, cooler) here is how to be rid of it and comply with EPA and U-M rules.

Step 1: Prepare Forms and Documents
Prepare a Declaration of Surplus Form: (
Prepare an EHS Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Form:
IF THE RCA HAS HAD RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL IN IT: EHS Radiation Safety Services must be contacted to conduct a survey. Otherwise, as appropriate, certify on the form that the equipment has been properly decontaminated. If you have any questions about this process, contact EHS (Main Number: 647-1143, or listed on the decontamination form 763-6973) for assistance.

Step 2: Having Completed the Forms, Fax or Email them to Property Disposition
Fax 763-2006, or email:
Property disposition will review them and send you an “Authorization to Scrap” form and a six-digit number (shortcode) to use if the equipment is in a General Fund building.

Step 3: Write on the Equipment and Tape Some Documents to it
WRITE the six digit number which Property Disposition will give to you on the unit, preferably in indelible marker.
TAPE the “Authorization to Scrap” form to the unit.
TAPE a copy of the EHS Decontamination Form to the unit.

Step 4: Get Moving and Trucking to Pick up Your Appliance
Call the Facilities Service Center (647-2059) or go to the Moving and Trucking website and initiate a work order: to have Moving and Trucking pick up the equipment and have it delivered to the UM Refrigerant Reclaim facility for proper disposition.

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