Mechanical Systems

Water Treatment

Nick Vanderkolk, Program Manager Phone: (734) 764-3045
Aerik La Fave, Central Mechanical Business Manager Phone: (734) 647-2081
{ open }, Admin/Project Coordinator  

Water Treatment:

  • Chemical treatment and maintenance of condenser, chilled, and heating hot water hydronic systems.
  • Designed to prevent damage caused by corrosion, scale and bio-fouling of associated piping and equipment.

High Purity Water:

  • Softened, Reverse Osmosis, and RO/DI water for laboratories, ULAM areas, and HVAC humidification.
  • High purity water solutions for specific applications where typical water supply is “not good enough”.

Ethylene and Propylene Glycol:

  • Field and laboratory analysis of glycol-filled closed loops for energy recovery and chilled water systems.
  • Full analytical report with an executive summary. Recommendations for any necessary corrective actions.
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