Hospital Maintenance

Electrical Shop

Zachary Davis, Electrical Maintenance SupervisorPhone: (734) 232-1554
Pager: 34748

This shop is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Hospital building electrical systems, emergency generator systems, and various types of electrical equipment.

If you would like to make a new request or for general inquiries regarding ongoing work, please contact our Hospital Maintenance Service Center at 936-5054.

The following are some of the services provided by the Electric Shop:

  • Electrical distribution system maintenance
  • Breaker replacement
  • Emergency generator maintenance
  • Reset tripped circuit breakers
  • Coordinate with Campus and DET on high voltage preventive maintenance, repairs and testing

Other things we do:

  • Detailed Research for Shutdowns and Project Coordination
  • Jet fuel tank maintenance and filling
  • Automatic Transfer Switch testing and maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance on: UPS systems, Line Isolation Monitoring and Isolated power panels, Lighting, Variable Speed Drives, Battery Banks, Battery Backup lighting, Motor Centers and Starters, Helicopter landing lights, Greasing bearings for Rotary UPS’s, STS maintenance and testing, Cathodic Protection testing. Replacement of motors.
  • Working in conjunction with the High Voltage Crew we assist with DTE shutdowns and emergencies, substations, Intertie to Campus CPP and Substation Circuit Breaker testing and repair.
  • Project investigations for capacity and load requirements for new projects.
  • Keeping drawings and one lines up to date.
  • We provide coverage for Holidays, on-call and off shift.

We also do electrical construction installations for new circuits, replacement of ATS’s, VFD’s, motor centers, UPS’s and generators. All maintenance on the EPSS, Emergency Power Supply Systems.

We make Blue Go………..and keep on going.

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