Maintenance Auxiliaries & Central Shops

Project Coordination

Keith Jones, Construction Project CoordinatorPhone: (734) 615-0023
John McKenzie, Construction Project Coordinator Phone: (734) 615-8351

What is it?

Maintenance project coordination involves the assignment of support personnel to oversee a maintenance-specific project, i.e. one-for-one building or system components; replacement of like or similar mechanical pieces of equipment/systems; installation of singular craft large-scale component or upgrades such as variable speed drives, coupon rack piping installations; and, improvements specific to maintenance functionality and energy conservation. The majority of project coordination work falls within the definition of a maintenance project and is not architectural in nature. When projects require coordination beyond a shop foreman’s supervision, FM Central Shop Managers or Maintenance Director assign a Project Coordinator to oversee the project work as a whole.

The Project Coordinator is responsible for coordinating multiple shop/multiple trade projects involving Facilities Maintenance, Work Management, and various other departments in Facilities & Operations who may have a lesser part of the overall work outside of the FM shops. Project coordination also supports the knowledge and training of our servicing staff through the installation process and commissioning.