Maintenance Regions

Central Campus East

Fountain north of the Diag on Central Campus

The Central Campus East Region, located primarily north and east of the Diag, supports teaching, research, residential housing, recreational, performance arts, and patient care activities within the diverse array of buildings we maintain. North Quad is a building that combines teaching, residential housing, and performance arts activities within one building.

We support three renowned performing arts venues in Hill Auditorium, Power Center, and Mendelssohn Theater. Hill Auditorium is the largest performance venue on campus with over 3500 seats, noted as a ‘monument to perfect acoustics’ when it opened in 1913.

We also maintain Burton Memorial Tower, the location of the world’s third heaviest grand carillon, containing 53 bells, which can be heard throughout Central Campus and downtown Ann Arbor when being played.

The patient care activities supported by CCE Region are located in Health Services Building and in the Dental School. Health Services treats approximately 80,000 patients each year on an outpatient basis and we support the full range of diagnostic and treatment facilities housed in the facility. Within the Dental School, CCE Region maintains and repairs such vacuum and suction systems that are unique to campus facilities maintenance.

CCE Region is staffed with trained and licensed management, trades persons, and maintenance mechanics, who truly know their business! We look forward to serving our colleagues by providing quality service, each and every time, and to support the University of Michigan in achieving its goals of excellence in education, research, and public service.

For more information, please visit the Central Campus Building East Assignments page and Central Campus East Contact page.

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