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Preventive Maintenance Planning

What is Preventive Maintenance Planning?

The University of Michigan Facilities & Operations Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program is a planned and controlled program of continuous inspection and corrective action taken to ensure peak efficiency and minimize deterioration of the building and equipment. Facilities & Operations began a revised inventory of the building equipment to be included in its Facility Management System (FMS) in 2000. This inventory entailed tagging the equipment with a barcode indicating a unique equipment identification number (UM Serial Number), updating the database, organizing the equipment types (part names), creating new schedules (templates), applying tasks and standards (PM basics), and evaluating task assignments to appropriate shops.

As of December 2007 there are over 39,000 pieces of equipment in the PM database that are in use and are scheduled to receive regularly scheduled maintenance at various frequencies – weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc. In fiscal year 2007 there were over 45,000 PM work orders created for twenty-nine shops and the completion rate was over 80%. A different number of work orders may be expected based on the number of pieces of equipment and the varying frequencies, but some of these work orders involve a composite of many pieces of the same equipment in the building. For example, the Life Science Institute has over 250 emergency lights, but only two biannual work orders are generated to inspect those lights.

Who makes up the Preventive Maintenance Team?

In all, the Work Management department employs 3 full time Preventive Maintenance Planner positions and 1 part time temporary administrative position. Two full time employees handle the planning of Preventive Maintenance (PM) schedules and implementation of new equipment and customers into Facility Management System (FMS) for equipment maintained by the Maintenance Services Regions and Central Shops. The Utilities department employs one additional full time position that has similar responsibilities for all the equipment maintained by their shops. These employees are responsible for the implementation, updates, and streamlining of the PM procedures within Facilities & Operations. Office duties include monitoring the accuracy of the PM database, Crystal Report writing, PM work order generation, and data input. Field duties include information gathering and updating, new equipment write-up, equipment verification, note taking, and mechanic feedback. There is also one temporary part-time Data Entry Clerk who handles data input and correction within the FMS modules. Other duties include the filing of paper documents collected on equipment around campus.

The third full time position employed by Work Management focuses on verifying the building equipment included in the PM inventory in order to resolve issues such as: equipment included in renovations that has not been inventoried, erroneous listings in the current inventory, and the provision of data for replacement equipment. As part of this verification project, a thorough audit is completed on randomly selected equipment included in the PM program. The principal purpose of these audits is to be a quality control tool to measure the success of the PM program by evaluating the equipment against the standards for which the PM is performed. This verification project is the result of a recommendation that the equipment be “rewritten” after the program was initiated in 2000.

How can you use this service?

The Zone, Central, and Utility shops receive PM work orders that are generated on a weekly basis for equipment that is funded by an identified funding source, primarily the Maintenance General Fund (MGF). If you have a piece of building equipment that is not funded by the MGF and you would like Facilities & Operations to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on it, simply contact a Preventive Maintenance Planner through the Facilities Service Center at 734-647-2059 or email: and request that a Preventive Maintenance Planner contact you. The PM Planner will note the type of equipment and contact the appropriate shop or zone who will perform the PM. If your request can be accommodated, you will be asked to provide a ChartField combination for the work to be charged to.

More information…

Information gathering is a constant focus of the PM Planning process as there have been thousands of repair notes taken and entered into the Facility Management System so that equipment history is maintained. New or replaced pieces of equipment are also added through renovation or discovery and we request assistance from our customers and service personnel to help us identify equipment that may have been missed. Equipment information can easily be updated and accessed by contacting PM Planning. Crystal Report writing services are provided by PM Planning and many customizable and detailed PM Crystal Reports are created upon request. To request assistance with any of these additional services simply contact a Preventive Maintenance Planner through the Facilities Service Center at 734-647-2059 or email: and request that a Preventive Maintenance Planner contact you.

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