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Maintenance Regions

View of industrial walkways and chiller turbines

The Maintenance Regions provide service to distinct areas of campus, based on geographic proximity. The Regional model aims to:

  • Provide a consistent customer interface for meeting maintenance needs through our building-specific Asset Supervisors, and Region Managers
  • Provide consistency and reliability in service delivery through weekly scheduling and planning of maintenance activities
  • Provide value by placing dedicated groups of skilled trades staff, mechanics, and supervisors “on site” to be closer to the customer and the work
  • Improve efficiency by having smaller campus footprints that limit movement of people and material to make for efficient workflow

Each region has been fully staffed with our skilled tradespersons in HVAC, plumbing, pumps, steam distribution, electrical, life safety systems, elevators, roofing and specialty preventive maintenance work. We continue to provide quick response to service calls and focus on preventive and predictive maintenance.

Maintenance Regions Maps

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