Shutdown Coordination is responsible for coordinating and communicating critical utility and service outages to Facilities & Operations and U-M campus community. Information including primary contact people, building and utility systems for every building on campus, is used to effectively plan and communicate shutdowns.

Building facility managers, construction managers, Facilities & Operations supervisors and anyone else involved in arranging utility or building system shutdowns at the University of Michigan are asked to submit their shutdown request through the web, using our on-line form Shutdown Request.

The below definitions have been provided to assist in better understanding each category.

“Primary Building Contact For”

You are the main or one of the main contacts for the building listed. You will be contacted when shutdowns are requested and you will be involved in the approval process. To be listed as a Primary Contact, you must have responsibility for facilities operations for that building and be willing to serve as a “central point-of-contact” for facility issues.

“Secondary Building Contact For”

You will be contacted if the Primary Contact cannot be reached to arrange or approve a shutdown request.

“Will Be Notified Of Shutdown In”

Notified via email when a utility shutdown has been approved/ scheduled. Anyone may choose to receive this passive notification for any building. This may be someone who has office or research space within a building but is not responsible for any building operations. No action is needed by the person receiving this message. Primary and Secondary Contacts are automatically included on this list.

Facility Manager(s)

Coordinates routine building issues. Notified to schedule fire inspections, evacuation and severe weather drills. Serves as the BIRT liaison. There may be multiple Facility Managers from different units within a single building. Facility Managers may or may not also serve as one of the three Building Emergency Response Contacts for the building.

Building Emergency Response Contact

Notified per the “BRIEFS Notification of Building Emergency Response Contact” policy. The goal is to have a primary, secondary and tertiary Building Emergency Response Contact for each building. DPSS Dispatch will call the Building Emergency Response Contact 24/7/365 in order until they personally speak to someone. If DPSS Dispatch reaches the primary contact, they will not contact the secondary or tertiary. It is the responsibility of the Building Emergency Response Contact to evaluate the nature of the incident and determine if additional building occupants/personnel need to be notified. It is the responsibility of the Building Emergency Response Contact to notify the BIRT Unit Contacts if necessary.

Alarm (MOSCAD) Contacts

Notified when there is activation of various building alarms such as fire, temperature, security, etc. DPSS will still respond to certain alarms as per their protocols. If the alarm turned out to be a true emergency, the Building Emergency Response Contact would also be notified. It is up to the Alarm Contact to personally determine if he/she needs to respond or if the alarm can wait until normal hours of operation. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our information current.