The North Campus Region provides maintenance services to a wide variety of people and buildings across North and East Campuses, including College of Engineering, North Campus Children’s Center, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum, Stamps School of Art & Design, North Campus Research Complex, Arbor Lakes Data Center, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, North Campus Recreation Building, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, and Ann Arbor Fire Station 5.

The regional office is located in the Gorguze Family Laboratory Building. Our department is comprised of dedicated mechanics, tradespeople and administrative personnel. We look forward to providing efficient, professional maintenance services, and meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

North Campus Contact List

Hayley BriggsRegion Manager[email protected]734.764.02812601 Draper Rd
Pam IrishAdministrative Assistant[email protected]734.76384162601 Draper Rd
Sarah HetheringtonAdministrative Assistant[email protected]734.763.85042601 Draper Rd
Jeff LorenAsset Supervisor, sub region 1[email protected]734.763.16132601 Draper Rd
Eric BoevingAsset Supervisor, sub region 2[email protected]734.763.27432601 Draper Rd
Justin YoungAsset Supervisor, sub region 3[email protected]734.764.21362601 Draper Rd
Jordan RiderAsset Supervisor, sub region 4[email protected]734.763.36262601 Draper Rd
Matt MenkeKitter[email protected]734.763.79512601 Draper Rd

FAX #: 734.647.8420
Group Email: [email protected]
Radio Channel: 11-A

North Campus 1 Building Assignments

Asset Supervisor: Jeff Loren

Building #Building Description
394Lurie Ann and Robert H Tower
397Robert H Lurie Engineering Center
400Lay Walter E Automotive Laboratory
403Cooley Mortimer E Memorial
407Brown G G Laboratory
414Environmental & Water Res Engineering Building
429Industrial & Operations Engineering
447Herbert H Dow Building
448Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences Building
5092Bob & Betty Beyster Building
9976North Campus Pond
9993Gerstacker Grove

North Campus 2 Building Assignments

Asset Supervisor: Eric Boeving

Building #Building Description
220NC Grounds Storage #1
408North Campus Switch Station
415Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
416Engineering Radiation Lab #1
417Engineering Radiation Lab #2
418North Campus Service Building #1
430North Campus Storage Building
441Space Research Laboratory
444U-M Transportation Research Institute
449North Campus Housing Service Building
MultipleSheep Research Facilities
953Radrick Recreation Facility
MultipleMatthaei Botanical Gardens Research-ADM
2501Auxiliary Services Building 1
2502Auxiliary Services Building 2
2505Engineering Research Support
2506North Campus Facilities Services Building
2514North Campus Grounds Services Facility
2515Telecommunications Building 1
2517North Campus Microwave Tower
2518NC Beal - Cram Switch Gear
2519U-M Trans Rs ~ Flammable Stor Building
5111NC Grounds Storage #2
5116NC Grounds Storage #3
5131NC Grounds Storage #4
5139North Campus Chiller Plant
5140North Campus Grounds Service Facility Annex
5205NC Grounds Garage 1
5273NCRC B080
5276NCRC B100
5277NCRC B200
5278NCRC B300
5279NCRC B400
5283NCRC B800
5297NC Grounds Storage Shed
5334North Campus Support Facility
5338U-M Trans Res ~ Testing Building
5418Ford Motor Co Robotics Building
8079Arbor Lakes 1
8080Arbor Lakes 2
8081Arbor Lakes 3

North Campus 3 Building Assignments

Asset Supervisor: Justin Young

Building #Building Description
395Fracois-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB)
396James & Anne Duderstadt Center
402Bonisteel Interdisciplinary Research
404Michigan Memorial Phoenix Lab
405Nuclear Engineering Lab
406Biomedical Engineering, Lurie Ann & Robert
409Fire Serv Instr & Res Center
420School of Information North
421Aero Eng Lab - Wind Tunnel Lab
422Aero Eng Lab - Propulsion Lab
423Aero Eng Lab - Pumping Station
425Aero Eng Lab - Plasma Research
426Aero Eng Power Plant
427North Campus Recreation Building
432Art & Architecture Building
434Ist Gas Storage Building
435Engineering Research Building 1
436Engineering Research Building 2
437Gerstacker Carl A Building
439Bentley Historical Library
440Moore Earl V Building (School of Music)
442Pierpont Commons
443Chrysler Center Cont Engineer Ed
445Stearns Frederick Building
446Ford Gerald R Library
MultipleNorthwood I
MultipleNorthwood II
MultipleBaits I
MultipleBaits II
555Bursley Hall
600Family Housing Community Center
2500Mitchell Field Building (small building)
5059Walgreen Drama Center
5224Stamps Auditorium
5348MRI Building
5380Mitchell Field Recreation Building (large building)

North Campus 4 Building Assignments

Asset Supervisor: Jordan Rider

Building #Building Description
5018NCRC B075
5253NCRC B010
5254NCRC B014
5255NCRC B015
5256NCRC B016
5258NCRC B018
5259NCRC B020
5260NCRC B022
5261NCRC B023
5262NCRC B025
5263NCRC B026
5264NCRC B028
5265NCRC B030
5272NCRC B073
5432NCRC B032
5266NCRC B035
5267NCRC B036
5270NCRC B060
5271NCRC B070
5273NCRC B080
5274NCRC B085
5335NCRC B086
5275NCRC B090
5280NCRC B500
5281NCRC B520
5282NCRC B550
5283NCRC B800