The Facilities Service  Center (FSC) is the communications hub of Facilities & Operations and front line of communication with campus departments. After-hours emergencies for Housing, Parking and Academic properties are coordinated through FSC.

Work Orders are initiated, dispatched, and tracked through our Facilities Management System (FMS). You can receive updates on any Work Order by calling FSC at 647-2059, emailing [email protected] or view directly in FMS (unique name and kerberos password required).

Work Orders can be obtained through one of the following:

A Work Order number will be provided for future reference in tracking of the job. If submitting online, a customer request number will be assigned and when FSC processes the request the customer is notified of the work order number. After your request has been submitted, any attachments or related documents can be added to your work request by e-mailing them to: [email protected]. For clarification on our services and customer pay vs. general fund items, please view our service guide.

Contact Information

Phone (24 hours/7 days): 734.647.2059
Fax: 734.763.2932
Email: [email protected]

326 E. Hoover
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1002

Temporary Location Facilities Service Center